Photos of Yoiyama, that is Yamaboko Junko's Eve

July 16, 2004

Hundreds of thousands of people go out in Yoiyama, the eve of Yamaboko-Junko or procession of floats. Figures and decorations of Yamaboko floats are displayed for a closer look. The both sides of the streets are lined with stalls that sell foods, inexpensive goods or provide entertainment. The streets of central Kyoto will be extremely crowded and hot. The photos in this page were took before the streets get crowded.

Naginata-boko People wearing Yukata, that is traditional summer wear, play simple musical instruments on Naginata-boko.
Street stalls lined up on the both side of a street. People stroll on a street in the twilight of Eve of Yamaboko Junko.
A couple preparing foods called Hiroshima-yaki in a street stall. People stroll on a narrow street between street stalls.
Boys and girls wearing Yukata are preoccupied with Kingyo-sukui. They catch gold fish with a wire-framed thin paper that is easy to break in water. A discount shop selling Yukata and Japan's traditional footwear.
A ceremony in the Eve of Yamaboko-Junko. A figure of Jomyo-yama float.
Jomyo-yama float with lanterns in front of it. Lanterns and another float.
The figure of Tokusa-yama float. Figures of a float.
A figure of Yamabushi-yama float. It is displayed on second floor of a traditional house. Decoration of Urade-yama float.