I believe that food is a important part of culture and I would like to show you good food and restaurants that I found.

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Authentic Japanese cuisine

Restaurant Ajisen

Excellent dishes in comfortable atmosphere. You can try Obanzai, daily dishes of Kyotoites.

Restaurant Kurita

This small restaurant serves dishes that are not only tasty but also beautiful.


Modern Japanese cuisine

Following restaurants serve modern while traditional Japanese cuisine. You may find faint hint of European taste.

Restaurant Ranburu of Gion

A restaurant in machiya, a traditional house of Kyoto.

Restaurant Girogiro Hitoshina

A small restaurant with a mood for younger adults.

Soba shops (buckwheat noodle shops)

Soba (buckwheat) comes from a plant relatively easy to cultivate even when the weather is cold or the soil has worn thin. It is eaten principally in Eastern Japan, including Tokyo. Kyoto probably is one of a few places where good soba is served in Western Japan.

There are several ways to eat soba. The grain of soba will be made into flour, kneaded, finely cut to make noodles, then cooked. Soba noodles may be prepared in a hot soup together with various ingredients. The noodles may be boiled in fresh hot water and served on a bamboo work platter. You dip the noodles into sauce that comes in a separate cup and eat. The flour also can be kneaded with hot water and served. You dip it lightly in soy sauce and eat. This is called sobagaki.

Soba shop Nakajin

Small yet excellent soba shop that used to be in a small community shopping district.