Romaji (Romanization of Japanese)
used in this site

There are several systems to write Japanese with Roman alphabet, e.g. Hepburn system, Japan railway (JR) system, Kunrei system, ISO system, etc. and none of them has been established as THE standard system. Romaji used in this site is close to the Hepburn system which I believe to be easier for non-Japanese speakers to read and pronounce.

Examples of each system:
Hepburn JR Kunrei/ISO
Chishaku-in Chishaku-in Tisyaku-in
Jinja Jinja Zinzya
Konpuku-ji Kompuku-ji Konpuku-zi
Fushimi Fushimi Husimi
matsuri matsuri maturi
List of Romaji for each of Japanese phonetic alphabet.

NOTE1: All of the consonants except "n" are used always with a vowel (an example of the sole "n" is in "jinja").

NOTE2: Apostrophe (') is used to separate "n" and vowel or to separate double n (nn) when necessary. Examples are "bun'in" (a branch temple that is pronounced "bun-in", not "bu-nin") and Ken'nin-ji that is pronounced "ken-nin-ji", not "ke-nin-ji".

NOTE3: There are long vowels and short vowels. Hepburn and JR systems use a macron (¯) to mark a long vowel while ISO system uses circumflex (ˆ). Except "Glossary" pages, the macron and the circumflex are not used in this site for compatibility with some operationg systems as well as for simplicity.

NOTE4: When "y" is combined with other consonant, the "y" will be pronounced right after the consonant without delay. For example, "byu" is pronounced like the first syllable of "bureau" or "beautiful", though the sound of the vowel is shorter.

NOTE5: The sound of "f" is weaker than the "f" sound in English.

NOTE6: With a double consonant, you need to stop pronunciation momentarily. For example, for "ippon", you say the first syllable "i" and prepare for the next syllable, i.e. shut your mouth to pronounce "p" and stop for a fleeting moment, then say "pon".

  a e i o u -
b ba be bi bo bu  
by bya - - byo byu  
ch cha che chi cho chu  
d da de - do -  
f - - - - fu  
g ga ge gi go gu  
gy gya - - gyo gyu  
h ha he hi ho -  
hy hya - - hyo hyu  
j ja je ji jo ju  
k ka ke ki ko ku  
ky kya - - kyo kyu  
m ma me mi mo mu  
my mya - - myo myu  
n na ne ni no nu n
ny nya - - nyo nyu  
p pa pe pi po pu  
py pya - - pyo pyu  
r ra re ri ro ru  
ry rya - - ryo ryu  
s sa se - so su  
sh sha she shi sho shu  
t ta te - to -  
ts - - - - tsu  
w wa - - wo -  
y ya - - yo yu  
z za ze - zo zu