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Umenomiya Taisha Shrine

July 18, 2004

This shrine was founded by Agata-Inukai Michiyo, the mother of Tachibana no Moroe who was the forefather of Tachibana clan, around 1300 years ago. Originally the shrine was located south east of present day Kyoto. After the capital was moved to Kyoto, during the era of Emperor Saga, the shrine was moved to the present location by Tachibana no Kachiko, who was Empress Danrin, the consort of Emperor Saga.

Empress Danrin was not blessed with children. She prayed for children to the gods of this shrine and she got one, who later became Emperor Ninmyo. From this, the gods of this shrine are believed to be the gods of conception and easy delivery. The gods also are believed as gods of Sake, Japanese rice wine.

The first torii gateway of Umenomiya Taisha. The second torii gateway of Umenomiya Taisha.
The romon gate. Casks of Sake are seen on the verandah. Haiden.
Honden Chichu-tei tea house on the islet in Shin-en garden.
Stone bridge in Shinsen-en garden.. Hanashobu, or iris in Shinsen-en garden. This flower with drops of water was probably the last one of the season.
Casks dedicated by sake makers Matage-ishi. They believe that persons who have no children will get ones if they step over these stones.