Restaurant Ajisen

Authentic Japanese Cuisine

Kamigamo-takanawate-cho 88-3
Tel.: 075-711-5576

This restaurant serves real traditional Japanese Cuisine. You can enjoy excellent dishes in comfortable atmosphere. You can also try Obanzai, daily dishes of Kyotoites, if you like. The chef and owner used to be an assistant chef of Tawara-ya, Kyoto's prime ryokan (traditional Japanese hotel), that is famous for it's excellent food.

October 4, 2003

Map to Ajisen The front of Restaurant Ajisen.
Display in the entrance of Ajisen. The kitchen and the counter of Ajisen.

Dinner (5000 yen a course) plus a couple of a-la-carte Obanzai dishes

LEFT: Kikuna (garland chrysanthemum) and Anago (sea eel)
RIGHT:Ikura (salmon roe) and daikon oroshi (grated radish)
Dobinmushi, that literally means something steamed in an earthen teapot. The ingredients are matsutake mushroom, hamo (pike eel) and gin'nan (ginkgo nut).
Sashimi of Hamachi (yellowtail), Maguro(tuna) and Amaebi (shrimp). Oshizushi of Kamasu (compacted sushi with barracuda). Hirousu (fried ball of mushed tofu and enoki, shimeji, shiitake, maitake and matsutake mushrooms)
Teriyaki of salmon. Ko-kabura no furofuki (boiled turnip and taremiso topping). A-la-carte dish: Daikon radish and chicken.
A-la-carte dish: Nikujaga (beef and potato with carrot) Okayu (rice porridge) with nukago (propagule) in a bowl, served with pickles. Dessert (apple and grape)