Anraku-ji temple

Juren-san Anraku-ji temple is open to public only when blossoms in its garden are in full bloom or colored leaves look beautiful. If you plan to visit famous Ginkaku-ji temple when Anraku-ji is open, it may be a good idea to add the Jodo-shu Buddhist sect temple to your list.

Its principal image is Amida-Nyorai, or Amitabha. You can have a close look at the gilded Buddhist image that is accompanied by a couple of smaller images.


Disciples of priest Honen, Anraku and Juren built a dojo, or training hall, for chanting a prayer to Amida Buddha about one kilometer east of the present site. The Buddhist monks persuaded people to join and chant the prayer. In December 1206, a couple of court ladies, who were serving ex-Emperor Gotoba, secretly joined the monks. In February of the next year, the raged Ex-emperor prohibited the chanting and ordered Anraku and Juren death penalties. Priest Honen and another priest were condemned to exile. The dojo fell into ruin after this incident. Sometime between 1532-1555, this temple was established for consolation for the beheaded monks.

How to get to Anraku-ji

From Kyoto Station: Take Kyoto City Bus 5 bound for Iwakura and get off at Shinnyo-do-mae bus stop then walk toward the hill for 10minutes.

From Shijo Kawaramachi: Take Kyoto City Bus 32 bound for Ginkaku-ji Mae and get off at Kami-Miyanomae-cho bus stop then walk toward the hill for 5 minutes.

From Ginkaku-ji temple: 8 minutes on foot toward south.

Hours and Admission

Open to public only following periods of year:
Weekends in early April, weekends and national holidays (3rd and 5th) in early May, Weekends of late May to Early June, July 25th, Weekends and national holidays (3rd and 23rd) in November and weekends in early December.

09:30 - 16:30

400yen except below.
Junior high school students and younger ( up to 9th graders): free.


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Sanmon gate of Anraku-ji
November 18, 2007
Hondo hall.
November 18, 2007
Bussokuseki, a stone on which feet of Buddha are inscribed.
November 18, 2007.
Chozubachi on the left and a stone monument on the right.
November 18, 2007
A chozubachi.
November 18, 2007
The garden of Anraku-ji
November 18, 2007