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Matsuno'o Taisha Shrine

July 18, 2004

This shrine was founded by Hata no Imikitori in 701 AD. Then, after the Japanese capital was moved to Kyoto in 794 AD, the gods of the shrine were adored as the guards of the new capital, together with the gods of Kamo-jinja.

They found that sake, Japanese rice wine, would be clearer and keep longer if it was made with the water spring out in the shrine precincts. Then, the gods of the shrine has been believed to be gods of sake so that many sake makers worship and dedicate casks of sake to the shrine.

Torii gateway of Matsuno'o Taisha. The gate of Matsuno'o Taisha.
Casks dedicated by sake makers, and visitors posing for a picture. Main hall of Matsuno'o Taisha.
A garden. Replicated "Iwakura" where a ritual was performed before the main hall was built in the year 701.
Small waterfalls and torii. THE WATER fountain.
A garden. They might have found a fish.