Restaurant Girogiro Hitoshina

Matsubara Sagaru, Nishi-Kiyamachi-dori
Tel.: 075-343-7070

A restaurant with a strange name serving excellent modern, and yet traditional Japanese dishes. They even use famous French food, foie gras. This restaurant uses a altered traditional two storied small Kyoto house. On the first floor is the kitchen and counters and on the second floor is a small room. The room looks modern and giving some impression of inclination toward younger people. Faint jazz music was being played from a speaker in the room.

June 7, 2003

Map to Girogiro Hitoshina A room of the restaurant. A friend of mine and his wife are considering the menu carefully and cheerfully.

Dinner for three.
The first three dishes are for each person.
Others are selections from a menu.

Sea eel grilled without scorch. Daily dish. Sake
Uo-somen noodle, egg boiled at lower temperature and grated yam. Boiled asparagus topped with house mayonnaise. Lotus root and sauteed foie gras.
Namafu, that is made of wheat gluten, and sea urchin Deep-fried namafu. Deep-fried fish.
Egg cooked with broth. Boiled small taros. Abalone sashimi.
Sea urchin with pickled Japanese horseradish. Ume-chazuke (for one person). Kamo-zosui (for one person).
Tai-chazuke (for one person).